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Vakilpro Internship

This is a paid internship offered by Vakilpro that allows students to have an opportunity to publish law- related articles on our website – helping them begin to establish an academic online presence in our increasingly digital world. Our programs also focus on helping students improve their writing and research skills, critical thinking as well as encourage them to investigate topics within the academic domain of law.

Today most prominent and prestigious universities around the world make it a requisite of an internship program while applying for their Under-graduate law degree programs. A module of internship is also integrated into the law courses in their Graduate degree program. We at Vakilpro backed by an efficient editorial team shall assist the students to cross this phase if research field remains their main interests.

The period of the program depends on the topic chosen but maximum days would be 45 days. The interns will be guided personally throughout the program to prepare their best of works on the given subjects and topics yet, shall be given the liberty to bring out their individual perspective and comprehensive skill on the subject matter.

If the candidate wishes to extent their work with us, they shall continue after our editorial team’s approval.

After the successful completion of the program, the candidate shall be awarded the ‘Certificate of Internship’ with the title of subject and the duration of the period they worked with us.

Their best of the works shall be published in website after proper validation with their Name, Pic (only if they permit us), a brief of their bio and the topics.

Subject studies on:

  • Research on the latest developments in the International legal news.
  • Critical and analytical writing on the relevant topics of our social structure and system.
  • Topics on our legislative policies.
  • Topics on a comparative study on international legal policies.

We also offer a platform for welcoming research scholars to publish their work through us, enabling to be accessible to the public through our website.

Want to join with us?

Please email us with a covering letter and your CV to After an initial process of interview to understand your personal and language skills we shall approve your induction to our program. Thank you.

Snapshots !

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