International legal news

Law on Indigenous Pygmy Peoples: Republic of Congo

In 2022, the Democratic Republic of the Congo recognized the customary rights of its Indigenous population by adopting a new law on Indigenous Pygmy Peoples. Its enforcement could become the cornerstone of a new approach to secure land tenure and to integrate Indigenous Peoples in conservation initiatives.

Benin's new tax laws 2022

Benin's tax authority (DGI) has published the Finance Law for 2022 (Law No. 2021-16 of 23 December 2021).

The Law for the Protection of Victims of Femicide: Bolivia

On Monday 31 January, a massive women’s march against sexist violence and corruption in the justice system took place from the Bolivian area of El Alto, through the city of La Paz and ended in front of the departmental court of justice in La Paz, to the cry of “Judges, prosecutors the same filth”.

Child’s Digital Safety laws in UAE

Ministry of Interior and the National Programme for Happiness and Wellbeing launched the ‘Child Digital Safety’ initiative in March 2018, in a joint effort to raise awareness among children and school students about online threats and challenges, and promote a safe and constructive use of the internet

Sunshine Act 2022: Italy

On 24 May 2022, the bill on ‘Transparency rules on relationships between manufacturing companies, healthcare professionals and organizations’ (“Sunshine Act“) was finally approved. The Sunshine Act will enter into force after its publication in the Official Gazette.

Drone laws India

The Directorate General Civil Aviation India is responsible for drone safety. The drone use is allowed in India, subject to DGCA regulations.