International legal news

U.S Supreme court on Clean Air Act West Virginia v. the US Environmental Protection Agency

The Supreme Court has made it more challenging for the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gases and fight climate change

China’s regulation in the Entertainment industry

China’s focus on developing and promoting a healthy entertainment industry. Having this goal in focus, it has made certain regulations to “improve the professional quality of performers thereby standardizing their professional behaviour and promote the healthy development of the performing arts industry and the society.”

Social media Censorship law in Texas

A federal appeals court on Friday reversed a lower court’s order blocking Texas law stopping large social media platforms , like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, from removing political posts, a blow for tech companies that say their content moderation decisions are protected by the Constitution.

Hungary legally allowed to leave European Union

Hungary's parliament has given its approval to a proposal to abolish the European Parliament as an elected body and replace it with a system where the national legislatures of the bloc's 27 members appoint representatives.

EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP):2023-2027

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the agricultural policy of the European Union. Following the devastation of the Second world war, the six countries, the founding members called the European community – Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and West Germany stepped up initiatives to revise the social and economic fabric of the nations together.

CBIC cannot initiate recovery of dues: Supreme Court of India

In India, when the corporate insolvency process commences, the adjudicating authority is mandated to declare a moratorium on continuation or initiation of any coercive legal action against the Corporate Debtor.