Airline passenger Rights In INDIA

Directorate General of Civil Aviation is the regulatory authority of air transport services in India. It enforces aviation regulations, safety standards and airworthiness standards in India. The Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) issued by the DGCA and the passenger charter of Rights issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation currently define the rights of the air travel passenger.

On February 2019, the Ministry of Civil Aviation of India , published a Passenger Charter dealing with air passengers’ rights. This charter includes passenger’s rights on (a) flight delays; (b) flight denied boarding due to over-booking; (c) flight cancellation; (d) flight diversion; (e) cancellation charges etc. There is also a Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation under Rule 133 A Aircraft Rules, 1937 formulated by the Government in consonance with the Aircraft Act, 1934 in pursuance of information, guidance and compliance of all organisations who operate flights to international destinations or in -future operations to such destinations.

Unlike the Charter , the CAR has legal sanctity of which its violation issued backed by the Aircraft Rules,1937, of which the violation can be treated as deficiency of service and an appropriate action can be taken against the airline and file for a legal remedy.

The rules lays down the entitlements

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