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Vakilpro Web Journals

You may be a lawyer, advocate, jurist, legal scholar, governance expert or even a responsible citizen? Sometimes you feel the need to voice out your opinions or express your concerns on matters you see around!  You feel determined to write it out! Right???Or maybe you are relaxed, you like to utilize your time, to pen down some important subjects and make it on record out to the world!!!Write to us!!! We are here!! We shall let the world know you through your writings! Your contributions are valuable! It must be significant to the society! Help us grow together for a better world and for our children’s future!

We shall let it publicize it through VAKILPRO platform. We shall serve as dais to announce it. We also welcome collective views on a particular subject contributed by citizens from various walks of life, within a time frame of period, about a common issue. All the collectibles shall be reviewed, and the most exceptional ones shall be published. This shall hold negative and positive discussions to make a healthy component.


  • Economics
  • History
  • Social structure
  • Legislative policies
  • Law
  • Environment issues
  • Family issues
  • Education policies
  • Public roads and transport
  • Anything that really matters

Must-not have:

  • Please note that topics of discussion should not be against any country leader or a particular should not or any type of governance.
  • It should not harm the patriotism of any country.

Must have:

  • It should involve analytical thoughts and problem-solving measures to a social issue.
  • It should respect citizens regarding their welfare, and upliftment of the society.
  • It should only include articles that helps to make the society constructive and grow for an individual or common mankind.

Email all articles to us

Kindly Note:  Your works shall be monitored and reviewed. If it contravenes our guidelines, it shall not be published. And the decisions of our editorial team shall be and are final.

Historical Events In

Snapshots !

German National Day
Amendment Outlawing Slavery
I Have A Dream
Magna Carta
Oil Was Discovered In Dubai
Age Discrimination Act
World Earth Day
National Civil Service Day
Safety And Health At Work
Government Of France Law
Same Sex Marraige Legalized
National Diet

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