The Flawed Design Of The Taxation System Benefitting The Wealthy

The age-old adage "the rich get richer" has long been a subject of societal debate and scrutiny. In recent years, the discussion has gained renewed attention as accusations of wealthy individuals and corporations exploiting legal loopholes to avoid paying their fair share of taxes have surfaced. This controversial phenomenon suggests that the wealthiest individuals and entities are able to accumulate even greater wealth while evading their fiscal obligations, exacerbating economic inequality.


The Role Of Indian Companies And Polluting The Environment

Pollution plays a crucial role in the ozone layer, water bodies, humans, wildlife, and nature. Pollution in the air has increased drastically in our daily lives. This is caused by liquid and solid patches and certain gases that are emitted into the terrain. Water gets polluted when toxic chemicals and plastic waste are mixed into water bodies, which also affects sea life on a massive level. The process by which water and solid waste contaminate groundwater and soil is referred to as land pollution.


Rights Of A Disabled Person

The Society we live in has so many types of people. We are all categorised under some category or groups of people. We are mostly categorised by religion or our status in society or by our physical and mental condition. Disabled person are one under that category they are people who are deprived from physically operating their body parts. They are people who are not only physically affected but also mentally affected. But when we look at them how they survive in the society with their disability it is rather pitiful.


Traffic system in India

131 714 people (1) were killed by road accidents in India during the year of 2020. 131 714 souls that never made it home to their loved ones alive. 131 714 people who had falsely trusted their nation to provide them a safe road to drive on.


A legal fossil called Blasphemy

Kerala has been shocked by two blasphemy cases in recent years. T.J. Joseph, a professor of Malayalam at Newman College, Thodupuzha, had his hand chopped off at the wrist on allegation of blasphemy, by members of Popular Front of India in 2010.


Right to access to Medicine and Medical Facilities

Every person has the right to live and enjoy proper health. He has the right to access to medicines and medical facilities. Several international organisations including the WHO, TRIPS Agreement have dealt with this concept. Today’s era is an era of globalisation and several MNCs are investing in Pharmaceutical industry and their role played in public health is inevitable.

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