China’s regulation in the Entertainment industry

China’s focus on developing and promoting a healthy entertainment industry. Having this goal in focus, it has made certain regulations to “improve the professional quality of performers thereby standardizing their professional behaviour and promote the healthy development of the performing arts industry and the society.”

The ministry of culture and tourism issued a circular stipulating that performers who violated social norms and laws should not be enlisted in any performance activities.

Some of the banned activities are :

Any unauthorised performance that could distort historic facts, insults national heroes and martyrs or affecting the social stability is banned and if done, would instigate an enquiry into the artists.

Lip syncing or false singing is not allowed so as to deceiving the audiences while performing commercial shows.

Obscenity, pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, terrorism , drunk driving and the vague charge of endangering social morality or harming nations tradition is strictly prohibited and if violated is punished with up-to 3 years in prison.

While hiring or signing the contracts with the minor artists in the entertainment industry, the company shall guarantee them the right of receiving compulsory education and other rights in accordance with the law.

Prohibits minor’s participation in star- chasing and fund-raising activities.

Foreigners or foreign companies are not allowed to produce audio- visual content for radio , T.V or internet broadcasting within China.  Production of such content is limited to companies that have been explicitly authorised and are compliant with the long list of prohibited content. “ Content that is prohibited under the new guidelines includes anything that is deemed ‘being contrary to national religious policy as well as endangering social morality’.

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