NSW to introduce "no body no parole" laws: Oct’ 2022

The New South Wales government has passed laws to make it impossible for convicted murderers to be released on parole if they refuse to cooperate and reveal the location of victims' remains. The landmark legislation has been passed the  "no body no parole" laws passed through the state parliament with the intention that "Families deserve the dignity of saying their final goodbyes and we must do all we can to demand offenders give up their secrets and bring some closure to families and friends of victims, The families of victims deserve the chance to lay to rest their loved one in an appropriate way, especially given the pain and heartache they have already endured "

Under the new laws, the State Parole Authority must have written evidence from the police commissioner to determine whether an offender has cooperated and revealed the location of the victim's body.

Corrections Minister Geoff Lee said the legislation is about doing right by families and bringing them closure.

"The law is just and it is fair and it gives victims dignity and respect," he said.

"No body, no parole" laws are already in place in other states and territories including Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

"No body, no parole" laws

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