Thailand’s bill on voluntary chemical castration for sex offenders

Thailand government passes the bill, it will join a small group of countries that use chemical castration. Those countries are-- Poland, Estonia, Russia and South Korea, plus some American states. Thailand is close to introducing chemical castration as a means of tackling sex crime after lawmakers approved a bill that will give some offenders the right to choose the procedure in return for a reduced prison sentence.

These measures can also be applied to offenders after they complete their sentences or those in rehabilitation to prevent a repetition of the offence, reports claimed. Per the bill, the offenders would be monitored for 10years and required to wear electronic monitoring bracelets.

Chemical castration has been in use in many countries across the world, although such use has not passed without controversy. In some European countries convicts choose to take such abuse voluntarily to be given lower sentences. The drugs used in chemical castration lower a man's libido and apparently reduce sexual activity. A similar cocktail of drugs is often used on prostate cancer victims. There have been some noted side effects as well as cases where those on the drug have attacked again. The biggest problem with chemical castration, however, is the continuous delivery, with those undergoing the process needing to undergo injections every three months.

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